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Re: empty gnulib directory on git

From: Gabor Z. Papp
Subject: Re: empty gnulib directory on git
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 09:54:10 +0100
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* Bernhard Voelker <address@hidden>:

| > whats the point of the empty gnulib directory in the current git
| > source?

| It is a submodule which is cloned during bootstrap:

|   $ ./bootstrap
|   ./bootstrap: Bootstrapping from checked-out coreutils sources...
|   ./bootstrap: consider installing git-merge-changelog from gnulib
|   ./bootstrap: getting gnulib files...

ok, my fault, sorry!

I was bootstrapping in a clone without .git* files, and .gitmodules
were missing.

Sorry about the noise.

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