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Feature proposal for ls

From: Grigorii Horos
Subject: Feature proposal for ls
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2019 15:29:21 +0200

Now output of `ls -l --colors` highlight only filenames. I propose to
highlight entry output, such as permissions, owner, file size. For example,
I use `grc` who highlights `ls` output, but its facilities
 can be integrated in `ls` directly.


[image: DeepinScreenshot_tilix_20190118152308.png]

Proposal: to be like `grc` output at this image. You can see that `grc`
config a little bit buggy because he doesn't highlight some localized
strings, like dates.

[image: DeepinScreenshot_tilix_20190118152335.png]

PNG image

PNG image

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