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Proposal: add --reflink to install

From: Mingye Wang
Subject: Proposal: add --reflink to install
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2019 06:55:28 +0800

It seems logical to add a --reflink option to the install(1) utility
since it, like cp, also copies files. Enabling such an option would
theoretically speed up `make install` in quite some cases.

A related problem is whether reflink=auto should be default for
`install`, since `install` does not tend to have new flags added and
Makefile writers don't usually add a INSTALLFLAGS variable to handle
them. To truly take advantage of such a change making it default may
be necessary. Personally I believe that the argument against using
reflink by default in cp does not apply to this case[1], as nobody
uses `install` to backup files.


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