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Re: wc feature request

From: Michael V. Antosha
Subject: Re: wc feature request
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 2020 14:45:04 +0300

hello Alex,

The following should do the trick without extending wc functionality:

    SOME_COMMANDS | test "$(wc -l)" = YOUR_NUMBER

Proof of concept:

    ### { for n in {1..17}; do echo "$n"; done | test "$(wc -l)" = 17;
} &&  echo ZERO || echo NONZERO

    ### { for n in {1..17}; do echo "$n"; done | test "$(wc -l)" = 18;
} &&  echo ZERO || echo NONZERO

Have a nice day!


On 10/7/20, A B <> wrote:
> I mean if you want to get picky about it and have this work exactly like
> grep -q, then you need to make the flag accept a threshold value, which it
> should match or exceed.
> So maybe:      wc -l -q3
> That doesn’t have the same intuitive feel to me, but it wouldn’t violate the
> notion of how exit codes should be used either.
> -Alex Boese

Michael V. Antosha

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