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Re: No such file or directory

From: Hogren
Subject: Re: No such file or directory
Date: Mon, 19 Oct 2020 20:52:59 +0200
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One shot !

$ history |tail -n 5
  592  git pull
  593  ./bootstrap
  594  ./configure
  595  make

It compiles !

Thanks to Paul Eggert and Pàdraig Brady !



On 19/10/2020 20:01, Paul Eggert wrote:
On 10/19/20 7:42 AM, Pádraig Brady wrote:
I see there were some adjustments to the handling
in this area in gnulib recently in the modules/parse-datetime file.

Moving this discussion to gnulib...

Savannah Git master coreutils was still using Gnulib 0b93877fc4bdcd84b78805e5917e4ab94684b9bc dated 2020-07-27, so the recent Gnulib changes to parse-datetime should not have affected Coreutils builds from Git.

My guess is that Hogren was using parallel make somehow, and ran into a bug that has been fixed by the adjustments you mentioned in recent Gnulib parse-datetime. To test this guess, I just now installed the attached patch to Savannah Git master coreutils. If this fixes the problem we're done; otherwise it'd helpful to have a complete log of the bootstrap and build from scratch (no --quiet options please), along with the output of the 'env' command so that we can see what options are sneaking in from the environment.

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