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Re: man pages & info prefer HTML format

From: Dragan Simic
Subject: Re: man pages & info prefer HTML format
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2023 16:04:33 +0200

On 2023-09-24 15:47, Bernhard Voelker wrote:
On 9/24/23 14:37, Dennis German wrote:
After the  years and fine tuning of basic HTML, why aren't the man pages
standardized to HTML format?

Perhaps some users don't frequently enough reference man pages as they
should and fewer use info , but (nearly) everyone uses a browser.

Sorry, I don't get the point.

HTML might be nice to read, but it's cumbersome to write.
Authors do not want to care about formatting too much.
Therefore, the documentation - both the man pages and the Texinfo manual -
is maintained in formats which are easy to write and track.

Good point. Another popular format, markdown, just confirms that the ease of writing is very important, together with the ability to view the source as-is, with no rendering applied, and to still be able to read it.

Besides viewing them with their principal reader (man, info, pinfo, ..),
those formats allow the conversion to several other nice formats ...
among them HTML.

The Texinfo manual is rendered into various formats: HTML, PDF, DVI, ASCII.

And also the man pages are available online in HTML format:

... and on many other web sites.

Have a nice day,

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