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Re: evolution for an old useful command "dd" is needed

From: Bernhard Voelker
Subject: Re: evolution for an old useful command "dd" is needed
Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2023 08:30:32 +0200
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Hi Gerard,

please do not send to maintainers directly, but to the mailing list instead.
Besides this should be an open discussion in the public, chances are that such
messages land in the spam folder of all recipients.

On 10/3/23 10:42, Gerard T. wrote:
Hi folks,

    I really faced with a *"dd"* command problem and I have an idea which could improve this command if a new parameter is added.

    When using *"dd"* I can copy the content of iso file to USB stick in my case. But the iso file is an image package created by me with some files. After using *"dd"* later I need to modify or add manually files to my USB stick BUT *"dd"* made it already *"read only"*.

    In helping all users, is it possible to add a parameter for *"dd"* command to not make read only a usb stick? This parameter could be optionally and who is not using the command remains the same unchanged, so will not make any bad surprise to anyone.

    Thank you for understanding,
I appreciate your work and I have great respect for you,
    Best wishes!


This is not an issue with dd(1), because that tool is only writing the image 
file to the USB stick,
i.e., to the underlying block device.
After mounting it, if the file system on it is read-only, then either it is 
mounted as such,
or the file system type does not allow writing.
As you are mentioning an ISO file, we are in the latter case here:
usually mounted ISO-9660 file systems cannot be changed.

As such, there's nothing dd(1) could do here - it's just the messenger.

Have a nice day,

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