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Re: Coreutils enhancement: ls: add colorization of mountpoints

From: Parke
Subject: Re: Coreutils enhancement: ls: add colorization of mountpoints
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2023 14:54:54 -0700

On Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 10:42 AM Dragan Simic <> wrote:
> Regarding performing the additional stat() calls on all files, which
> currently aren't performed at all in ls(1), but only when $LS_COLORS
> tells ls(1) that they should be performed, I'm afraid that dircolors(1)
> would be expected to have that in the $LS_COLORS that it produces,
> making many users perform the stat() calls they actually don't want or
> need.

dircolors.hin, line 75 seems to suggest otherwise (but I could be wrong):

CAPABILITY 00 # file with capability (very expensive to lookup)


> Maybe having an additional command-line option for ls(1), which
> would enable the additional processing, could be an option.

If necessary, an additional command line option would be fine with me.
(I'd just alias it, as I already do with other command line options.)
But I'm not yet convinced that such an additional option is necessary.

> It goes without saying that performing numerous stat() calls would
> induce a significant performance penalty, compared with the currently
> employed readdir() approach.

I'm confused.  Don't the following (default?) colorizations already
require stat()ing every file and directory?

SETUID 37;41 # file that is setuid (u+s)
SETGID 30;43 # file that is setgid (g+s)
STICKY_OTHER_WRITABLE 30;42 # dir that is sticky and other-writable (+t,o+w)
OTHER_WRITABLE 34;42 # dir that is other-writable (o+w) and not sticky
STICKY 37;44 # dir with the sticky bit set (+t) and not other-writable
# This is for files with execute permission:
EXEC 01;32




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