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Re: Coreutils enhancement: ls: add colorization of mountpoints

From: Dragan Simic
Subject: Re: Coreutils enhancement: ls: add colorization of mountpoints
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2023 08:27:29 +0200

On 2023-10-18 04:43, Parke wrote:
On 2023-10-17 23:54, Parke wrote:
> If necessary, an additional command line option would be fine with me.
> (I'd just alias it, as I already do with other command line options.)
> But I'm not yet convinced that such an additional option is necessary.

On Tue, Oct 17, 2023 at 5:41 PM Dragan Simic <> wrote:
It actually isn't necessary, but it would still be needed to investigate why dircolors(1) may behave the way I described it above, because it may
cause the new feature to be enabled even when not intended so.

Have you tried building coreutils from source?  (I have not.)

On Ubuntu 22.04, `dircolors` generates an LS_COLORS that has ca=30;41.

I looked at the `dircolors` binary with `less`, and I could see that
the string embedded in `dircolors` is different from the
`dircolors.hin` file.

Perhaps Debian or Canonical (or Arch?) are patching `dircolors` to
enable the coloring of capabilities by default?

I haven't researched it further, but Arch Linux applies no patches to the coreutils package, which you can see on the link below. I don't know what Ubuntu does.

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