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Re: Coreutils enhancement: ls: add colorization of mountpoints

From: Dragan Simic
Subject: Re: Coreutils enhancement: ls: add colorization of mountpoints
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2023 08:39:22 +0200

On 2023-10-18 07:13, Rob Landley wrote:
On 10/17/23 12:05, Parke wrote:
On 10/16/23 16:50, Parke wrote:
Once upon a time you could chattr +i on ext2 to nail a file in place

Does chattr +i affect st_dev?  If not, then it is beyond the scope of
what I am proposing.

The issue has larger scope than you propose to address, true. Users would have to understand what subset of the problem space your implementation addresses in order to understand the tool's output. I.E. we'd have to know how the code is
written to use it.

Right now ls is reporting the readdir()/stat() output, with any overlays on that being the user's problem. Inconsistently automating specific special cases on
top of that does not seem like it would make life simpler.

I agree with that, of course. If anything is to be added to ls(1), the behavior of the new feature must be fully consistent and rather easy to describe.

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