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[cybop-developers] API-Generator

From: Enrico Gallus
Subject: [cybop-developers] API-Generator
Date: Sat, 4 Mar 2017 01:00:19 +0900

Hi Christian,

I just created some bugs about issues i found while working on the completion of the api-definition.
Thanks for the fast feedback, of course, i will take care of the issue with the anchor.

I enhanced my todo list will all the categories and commands. There are some logics, i have no idea how to find out how they work. 
There are some where i think they are obsolete and should be removed.
Also there exists some i don’t know how to write an example for. It’s quite hard to figure this out just having the source code (e.g. manipulate-category)
Only the command-category contains a lot of formats which i have not defined yet.

Synchronising the xxx_cybol_format’s with the existing api looks like a Sisyphus to be honest.

I have some ideas how this could be improved, but i am not sure if it is possible.
instead of having one cybol-file for each group (e.g. access, calculate, and so on), 
i would like to read the subdirectories of e.g. api/spec/log and append a node to the model for each directory which was found.
While enhancing the api, i realised there exists already the command/list-directory-contents but i was not able to fill the directories into the model.
Is there any possiblitiy to do so?

The best would be to generate the model-tree dynamically depending on the files in constant/format/cybol/logic and their contents.
We just provide the information in an expected folder-structure which is read by the api-generator.
If a folder for an entry in a format c-file does not exists we could write in the api, "needs documentation”. (and create the folder structure and it’s definition {properties.cybol, example.txt} later)
But i am not sure if cybol can handle this and if you like the idea!? Would save a lot of maintenance time in my opinion.

To be honest, i am not sure when I will be in Germany the next time. I don’t think this will be soon, maybe next year!? 
Let’s talk about the input problem on mac somewhen later. I really need a little bit more time to get used to everything. So far It was only a very diligent but routine work what i did.

I did some smaller changes on the code-base, could you review if the format is alright and if you agree with the changes?

Please let me know if you have any proposals for improvement!

I wish a nice weekend!


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