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Re: [cybop-developers] CMake Linking

From: Christian Heller
Subject: Re: [cybop-developers] CMake Linking
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2017 23:19:34 +0100
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Hi Enrico,

> Ah, after checking the source code i think i already figured out what the 
> problem raised. The utf8encoder has no else case for the wcsnrtombs 
> So looks like the GNU_LINUX_OPERATING_SYSTEM flag is not set correctly.
> The n is -1 and will process the else block and print the error message that 
> you can see.
> I tried to set this in the cmake script by using the following lines, but i’m 
> not sure if this works!
>     add_definitions(-DGNU_LINUX_OPERATING_SYSTEM)

it works now! Fine. Thanks. Well done!

> But two be honest i think 
> 1. it would be correct to use the official preprocessor macros (if I read 
> this correctly it should be __linux)
>       You can check this by using the following command gcc   -dM -E -x c 
> /dev/null if linux is by default among the macros?

I investigated this carefully and changed (almost) all source code
using such macros. Only standards compliant macros are used now.
There's about 20 files left to be processed in directory:
Then it's done. (See email before. Possibly not compilableright now.)

CAUTION! I removed linux as fallback OS and let the last preprocessor
branch report an error instead now:

    #error "Could not compile system. The operating system is not supported. 
Check out defined preprocessor macros!"

You may probably remove (or comment out) your workaround again:


> 2. we should fix the place where the else is missing (utf_8_encoder.c line 
> 299 is one of it)

Very good idea, that saved me a lot of time.
I fixed this now. In file "utf_8_decoder.c" it already was done correctly.

My plans for CYBOI in the next future:
- finish up last things with stack handling
- complete deep copy
- release CYBOP 0.19.0
- finally work on the GUI (looking forward to it very much)

I tell you all when I finished editing the preprocessor macro stuff
and tested the compilation.

Reading you soon

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