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[cybop-developers] CYBOI String Constants

From: Enrico Gallus
Subject: [cybop-developers] CYBOI String Constants
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2017 13:04:10 +0900

Hi Christian,
> I don't know the Python syntax much, but get the sense. One question:
> Doesn't line 46 in your script remove all capital letters 'L' at the end?
That’s embarrassing, didn’t thought about the case that there could occur 
capital letters. All the files i checked used small letters.
I fixed the script and adjusted the todo-lists (there was still an entry in 
your todo list as well)

> By the way: I have already started converting the preprocessor
> macros, but dozens of files are affected. So it will take
> some time. Hopefully, there won't be too many SVN conflicts.
I see, sorry for pointing to this which seems to produce a lot of workload.
I would offer my help, but looks like you are half way through and I think it 
is better if you are taking care of this. I’m probably not very helpful working 
on the same.
> Reading you later
> Christian
頑張ってください (
Schönes Wochenende 


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