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Re: [cybop-developers] File Cleanup

From: Enrico Gallus
Subject: Re: [cybop-developers] File Cleanup
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2017 16:40:46 +0900

> 1 cyboi.sln
> I found the file "cyboi.sln" in the project root directory,
> which is for Visual Studio C.
> Does it perhaps help with solving the "includes" issue?
> Or can it be removed?
> Or should we move it to "ide/" or "ide/visualstudio/"?
> Or should we leave it where it is for now?
I will move it to ide/visualstudio. We only need to adjust the relative path in 
the sln file, i will do that.
A sln file does not contain any includes. It is only a container for different 
project-files. The project files contains the includes.
> 2 libtool
> Does anybody know what the file "libtool" is used for?
> I don't remember. It is mentioned in INSTALL, however.
> Was it needed for the autotools and may be removed?
> Or is it needed for Visual Studio? What else?
I don’t have a libtool file on my local system. It is not checked in, right? in doc/development/osx mention that it is needed for make.
I have no idea if it is needed for something else.
> 3 .clang-format
> Does the file ".clang-format" have to be in the project root directory?
> Could it possibly be moved to either "ide/" or "tools/"?
> (Only necessary, if not causing too many troubles.)
I put this file over there. The problem is that clang-format looks in the 
directory of the CMakeFiles.txt directory and goes up the directories until it 
finds a configuration file.
I have not found a opportunity to tell the clang-format configuration to check 
in a sub-directory.
That’s why i put it to the CMakeFiles.txt in the root directory
> Regards
> Christian
Btw, the build is still broken for mac os x.
I will try to fix it, would be nice, if you could have a look on my changes 
later on, when committed, to be sure it is the way you want to have it.


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