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[cybop-developers] Fixed build and a little helper

From: Enrico Gallus
Subject: [cybop-developers] Fixed build and a little helper
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2017 21:53:23 +0900

Hi Christian,

Thanks for touching the tests, i fixed the build for mac and can build it again.

I realised that you started to fix some code-styling in the comparator-classes. 
I just want to point out that i added a code-styling tool a while ago, 
unfortunately it is not perfect, but it helps a lot, adjusting the code the way 
you want it.
* Removing empty lines
* ordering includes (not always welcome as i realised in the test-classes)
* removing unnecessary spaces
* and so on and so on

Unfortunately, something i cannot setup and control is that it automatically 
adjust also the comments //?? you are adding and on purpose indenting one tab 
less. (in general the lines can be removed anyway, because they are just test 
Also will it remove all the indent of the statements wrapped by the 
preprocessors, which is not wanted. Unfortunately, seems like there will be no 
option soon or at least i have not found anything.

Nevertheless, i think this could probably help a lot. You can adjust the path 
of all the files which should be fixed in cmake/codestyling.cmake

This will safe you a lot of time and you do not need to touch each file single 
and check it’s appearance. But as i said, it can’t be used for the whole 
project yet.
Configuration file is here: build/.clang-format.
Feel free to use it.



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