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Re: Inability to arrange the toolbar icons

From: Winfried Brügmann
Subject: Re: Inability to arrange the toolbar icons
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2022 09:50:13 +0200
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Hi Warren,

I am aware about sometimes tricky arrangement of toolbar elements. But really problems regarding this, never heard about. It could be a problem of used SWT library in combination with your used operating system.

Please tell me what version of Windows you are using. May be you need to exchange the swt.jar to an older version.

As workaround to fix your actual toolbar arrangement problem, please edit %AppData%\DataExplorer\ while DataExplorer execution is stopped, delete this lines

save and re-start DataExplorer again. This will arrange toolbar to initial set.

The non-functional horizontal scrollbar is a, so called, progress bar. It displays the progress while loading bigger files or executing history analysis. A look into help section or users guide would be helpful.

By the way, MC3000-Set is targeting a set of batteries always used together. If you charge different types of batteries or batteries with different usage better use MC3000 without -Set.

Using the MC3000 be careful with charge current and NiMH cells. I reduced it to keep my cells alive for a longer time.

have a nice day, Winfried

On 06.06.22 02:55, Warren Massey wrote:

I am a new user of this quite impressive program and as such likely do not know entirely what I’m doing but I find the ability to arrange the sections of the toolbar icons to be quite squirrely (random behavior) at best.  I also don’t understand why a non-functional horizontal scrollbar handle is preset below the graph display.



Warren Massey


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