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[Debian-sf-devel] [ 101487 ] compiling stats

From: nobody
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] [ 101487 ] compiling stats
Date: Mon, 04 Nov 2002 14:44:20 -0500

Support Request #101487, was updated on 2002-Nov-04 09:19
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Category: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Summary: compiling stats

By: javes
Date: 2002-Nov-04 19:44
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Thanks for the quick response.
However, sourceforge-db-postgresql does live in my
/etc/cron.d directory.
What puzzles me is that there is no reference to
db_stats_agg.php from anywhere in my usr/lib/sourceforge
It doesn't seem to be part of any of the packages and I did
a dpkg -c on all of em.
Also, there are two versions of db_stats_agg.php from my cvs
export, one in /cronjobs and another one in /cronjobs/stats.
Which one is this good one?
And going back to the /sourceforge-db-postgresql cron file,
there are no calls to db_stats_agg.php and none of the jobs
seem to invoke it.
Thanks again!


By: robert.lamoureux
Date: 2002-Nov-04 16:41
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The db_stats_agg.php file is part of the latest commit and 
has been tested.  The cronjobs may not be getting installed 
into /etc/cron.d properly and I will explore why that may 
be.  But the sourceforge-db-postgresql cron file is beig 
built and lives in 

It should be copied into the /etc/cron.d directory on 
install. You should feel free to copy that file after your 
build to get the file there if the package installer didn't 
move it there for you

Bob Lamoureux

It is this file that contains the cronjob that calls 

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