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[Debian-sf-devel] [Patch #637] Fixed several typos

From: nobody
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] [Patch #637] Fixed several typos
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 07:08:50 -0500

Patch #637 has been updated. 

Category: None
Status: Closed
Summary: Fixed several typos


Date: 2002-Nov-06 22:32
By: lo-lan-do

Applied, thanks.  Not committed to CVS yet, but will do ASAP.

You were not logged in when you submitted this patch, and there is no contact 
info in the changelog entries.  If that was a deliberate action to remain 
anonymous, then there's no problem.  Otherwise, don't hesitate to provide name 
and e-mail address so that credit can be given.

Date: 2002-Nov-07 13:08
By: lo-lan-do

Committed to CVS, thanks.

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