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[Debian-sf-devel] New version 2.6-0+14 available

From: Christian Bayle
Subject: [Debian-sf-devel] New version 2.6-0+14 available
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 22:47:20 +0100
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As usual at

Changlog for this new upload is one of the longest I think, thanks to all contributors
Special thanks to Paddington, making continuous testing and patches
to Bob for stats support, to Mathieu for patches
to XP for install guide available at
to Vincente for Spanish translation
to Otavio, to Kikov, to GrantBow, to Bigdisk not to let me alone on IRC
to all patch, support and bug submitters
and of course to Lo-lan-do :)

Try it, test it and blame us if it doesn't work :)
ldap shloud be ok this time, a small bug is available in trove delete :0) [But this is a new feature] Translations are welcome, a small tool let you now what is to be done in /admin/loadtabfiles.php (logged as admin)

Some stats:
Base (566) [100.00%]

Bulgarian (66) [ 11.66%]

Catalan (63) [ 11.13%]

Chinese (65) [ 11.48%]

Dutch (66) [ 11.66%]

Esperanto (67) [ 11.84%]

French (552) [ 97.53%]

German (66) [ 11.66%]

Greek (66) [ 11.66%]

Hebrew (60) [ 10.60%]

Indonesian (66) [ 11.66%]

Italian (64) [ 11.31%]

Japanese (67) [ 11.84%]

Korean (413) [ 72.97%]

Norwegian (64) [ 11.31%]

Polish (67) [ 11.84%]

Portuguese (70) [ 12.37%]

PortugueseBrazilian (69) [ 12.19%]

Russian (72) [ 12.72%]

SimplifiedChinese (73) [ 12.90%]

Spanish (444) [ 78.45%]

Swedish (68) [ 12.01%]

Thai (63) [ 11.13%]


PS: THE Changelog
sourceforge (2.6-0+14) experimental; urgency=low

 * [Roland] Uuencoded all binary files in the source package, so that
   dpkg-source can build a .diff.gz from the .orig.tar.gz.  debian/rules
   changed accordingly to uudecode the *.uu files at build time, and to
   remove the resulting files at clean time.
 * [Christian] Made trove cat more editable
 * [Roland] Added integrity constraints between the tables related to the
   Trove map.
 * [Roland] Bumped Standards-Version to 3.5.7 and DH_COMPAT to 4.
   Changed Build-Depends-Indep accordingly.
 * [Roland] Applied patch from Vicente Ruiz <address@hidden> to fix
   LDAP installation.
 * [Roland] Added an <IfModule apache_ssl.c> test in sf-httpd.conf so
   that SSL is enabled on Apache-SSL (as opposed to Apache / mod_ssl)
   servers.  Thanks, Kees Louwen <address@hidden>.
 * [Christian] Added delete capability in trove map edit
 * [Christian] Added setup_onevar_mainfile function in dsf helper to add
   vars in sourceforge.conf not managed by debconf
 * [Christian] More i18n in /my and /account
 * [Christian] Make user menu themeable
 * [Christian] Applied Mathieu Peltier <address@hidden>
   patch to send mail to admin when a project is submitted, and modified
   it to send the mail to all members of siteadmin (id=1) group, also
   applied ftp patch partly.
 * [Christian] Added translation tool in admin (Visualisation only at the
 * [Roland] Added missing dependency on php4-cgi for package
 * [Roland] [From 2.5] Sort documents by title.
 * [Roland] Fix email delivery to users, patch from Vicente Ruiz.
 * [Otavio] Now the browser accepted language are only read if set.
 * [Christian] i18n for project Approval/Rejection/Submission mail.
 * [Paddington] Patch #577 by Andreas Schrattenecker
   <address@hidden>: preserve release date hh:mm in "Edit
 * [Roland] Added eval magic in to help debugging.
   "export DEBSFDEBUG=1" will disable all the redirections, thus showing
   the STDOUT and STDERR of all commands.
 * [Roland] Added extra columns (use_ftp, use_tracker, use_frs,
   use_stats, enable_pserver, enable_anoncvs) in the groups table.
 * [Christian] added web management of these new columns, now you can
   hide almost everything in project page.
 * [Roland] sourceforge-ldap-openldap now depends on libnss-ldap.  This
   should not be necessary and will have to be fixed at some point, but
   for now I'm just too lazy to move the code from to
   another, more appropriately named, script.
 * [Roland] Applied patch #614 from Robert Lamoureux
   <address@hidden> fixing various problems with themes.
   Thanks, Bob!
 * [Roland] Included full Spanish translation from Vicente Ruiz.  Thanks
   a lot, Vicente!
 * [Roland] Changes to the supported_languages table: the language_code
   field is now 5 characters wide (2 characters previously).  We can thus
   rename the language code for Brazilian to its proper value, pt_BR.
   Also renamed the files to PortugueseBrazilian with one 'l' only, which
   is the proper spelling for it.
 * [Roland] Also, added a foreign key constraint: the doc_data table
   references a language_id.
 * [Christian] Made project admin menu themeable
 * [Christian] Made news menu themeable
 * [Christian] A lot of i18n in forum_utils
 * [Christian] You can now customize date format in language tab files
 * [Roland] Applied patch #617 from Robert Lamoureux.  Stats should now
   work!  Changes are detailed below, with a [Bob] prefix.
 * [Bob] Fixed initial pass problem with calculate_user_metric.php so
   user ratings statistics now run.
 * [Bob] Fixed db_ commit() error in project_weekly_metric.php.  Project
   statistics now work.
 * [Bob] Fixed to look for HTTP access log entries
   in the right place (/var/log/sourceforge).
 * [Bob] Changed sf-httpd.conf to have all sourceforge Virtual Web
   servers log all activity to /var/log/sourceforge.  Introduced a
   dependency on cronolog.  The stats Perl files all assume a YYYY/MM/DD
   directory structure for the log files.
 * [Bob] Fixed rules file to install cron jobs into /bin directory.
 * [Bob] Changed sourceforge-db-postgresql cron file to call the stats
   jobs every night.
 * [Bob] Changed the views_graph.png and users_graph.png files to
   generate an empty graph when no data is present rather than a broken
   image icon.  Also, fixed a bug that would break the graph if there was
   0 or only 1 row in the database.
 * [Bob] Changed to have the full path to the scripts.
   We cannot assume we will be in the right directory when it runs.
 * [Bob] Fixed relative paths to utils/ since all cronjobs seem
   to installed in the bin directory.  The old path was 3 levels down in
   the cronjobs directory which is not part of the install hierarchy.
 * [Roland] Applied patch #637 from Mathieu Peltier
   <address@hidden>.  Changes are detailed below, with
   entries having a [Mathieu] prefix.
 * [Mathieu] Fixed project title displayed when the forum of a news item
   is viewed (was always 'Site Admin News' instead of the name of the
 * [Mathieu] Fixed typos in www/forum/forum_utils.php,
   www/include/, www/include/menu.php and
 * [Mathieu] Removed 'Edit' and '?' links for root trove category in the
   trove map.
 * [Christian] you can now have a customized pre.php in
 * [Roland] Changed the authentication system: the authoritative password
   field is now unix_pw, even for authenticating web sessions.  We keep
   user_pw for better performance when looking up the user entry in the
   database, but it is just a cached value that is recomputed from the
   unix_pw when possible (except when said unix_pw is empty, in which
   case user_pw is the reference, and unix_pw is recomputed when
   possible).  This allows for better integration with existing systems
   (for instance, if you want to inject some existing accounts into the
 * [Roland] A little i18n in the user's homepage.
 * [Christian] added James Michael DuPont proposed files from . This means 2 files:
   bug_dump.php and patch_dump.php
 * [Christian] Added the supposed userIsAdmin() function in Group class
   used in bug_dump.php and patch_dump.php
 * [Christian] Made some change in bug_dump.php and patch_dump.php to make
them work (partially), this need actually to manually create two views since in 2.6 patch and bug tables don't exist, scripts creating views are view_bug.sql and
 * [Roland] Make HTTPS harder to leave, and make it the default in links
   sent as e-mails (should fix Savannah bug #1401).
 * [Christian] applied paddington patch #644 missing rotate_activity.php,
   generate artifact stats
 * [Christian] more i18n in account management

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