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Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Plugin infrastructure -- Request for comments

From: Roland Mas
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-devel] Plugin infrastructure -- Request for comments
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 20:08:46 +0100
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Tim Uckun (2002-11-14 15:58:55 -0700) :

> Sourceforge base class (or api) should have a register_plugin
> function for installing and registering plug ins.

I'm thinking of a Perl script, probably called sf-register-plugin or
something.  This script will indeed insert the appropriate rows in the

> There should be a way to "publish" plug in information and
> interfaces so that different plug ins can communicate with each
> other.

  Yes.  There already is a way: they can read each other's tables.  I
agree it is not quite convenient though, especially if you need
realtime changes.

> For example when a task is added and has a start and an end date
> those dates should be communicated to the calendar plug in along
> with the user who is assigned the task. When that person logs in the
> calender shows the due date for his/her tasks. Same with gantt
> charts and tasks.

  Yes again.  I expect that means more hooks, like "bug-changed-hook"
and "subproject-created-hook" and "task-created-hook" and such.  Maybe
this hook system can be made generic enough to cover for most needs,
maybe some plugins will require specific patches to the core code (or
to each other).  Time will tell.

> If you go to the phpgroupware site and use the demo you'll notice
> that the bug tracking system does not know anything about the
> project tracking system which makes it practically useless!.

  I agree.

> Without some sort of an inter process system you will end up in the
> same place.

  Unless everything in the bug tracker is recomputed (from the project
tracker), but then you need caches and invalidating them and
back-office jobs and stuff, which is not very nice either.


Roland Mas

Un clavier azerty en vaut deux.

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