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[Debian-sf-users] Install problem.

From: Tim Uckun
Subject: [Debian-sf-users] Install problem.
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 16:07:57 -0600

Hi I am trying to install sourceforge. The download seems to go OK but when configuring I get the following error.

Setting up sourceforge (2.5-10) ...
You'll see some debugging info during this installation.
Do not worry unless told otherwise.
DBI->connect(dbname=sourceforge;host=;user=sourceforge;password=) failed: fe_sendauth: no password supplied at /usr/lib/sourceforge/lib/ line 44
Uncaught exception from user code:
Cannot connect to database: at /usr/lib/sourceforge/lib/ line 47. main::db_connect called at /usr/lib/sourceforge/bin/ line 29
dpkg: error processing sourceforge (--configure):
 subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 255
Errors were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

The pg_hba.conf has a password in it but the does not. I tried to mess with the files but the script overwrites them.

Tim Uckun
US Investigations Services/Due Diligence

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