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RE: [Debian-sf-users] Submit News does not work on 2.6.0-8

From: Thomas R. Hall
Subject: RE: [Debian-sf-users] Submit News does not work on 2.6.0-8
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 21:16:20 +0800

: CVS and FTP are completly dependant of libnss-ldap, and if you use
: cvs.<your_fdqn> from DNS,
:  can you tell more about what don't works?

I bet that it is the DNS problems we have been having (mentioned in
another post).  I will try this again after I get DNS working correctly.

: There are some tricky stuffs that happened with new postgres version,
: we have to check this. ;-)

Ah, maybe that is why global news is still having problems.  I will have
my team here get more specifics and let you know.


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