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Re: [Debian-sf-users] Problems in v2.6-0+9

From: Olafur Osvaldsson
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-users] Problems in v2.6-0+9
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 13:21:03 +0000
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On Wed, 17 Apr 2002, Roland Mas wrote:

> Olafur Osvaldsson (2002-04-17 10:15:52 +0000) :
> > I have noticed that it is not possible to add users to the Master Group by
> > default in this version, the reason seems to be that there is no cvsGroup 
> > for
> > the project so the code gets stuck in some loop.
> Um.  Could you be a little more precise there?  I can add users on the
> web like for any other project...  What exactly are you doing and what
> is the result of it?

I'm adding a user to the Master Group project, this only affects the default
groups and not any that have been created through the web interface.
It just keeps loading and loading untill you stop it or the execution time
times out.

> > I for one would like to add users to the Master group so I don't
> > allways have to log in as admin to do those tasks, but instead just
> > use my normal login.  Is there a reason for this or just a honest
> > mistake?
>   There's every reason to do that, and I did it too.

My understanding is that in the initial setup the default users/groups
from the SQL database are put into ldap by means of the
script, this means (without that portion of code) that there are no cvsGroup
entries for the default groups, but if a project is created through the web
interface it creates the cvsGroup entries correctly.
This also affects those that need for some reason to regenerate their ldap

> > With that said, shouldn't sf_ldap_group_add_user() check if the
> > group is using cvs at all and ignore all cvsGroup stuff if it isn't?
> > I know this would make it much more complex if the group is ever
> > changed to use cvs later on.

This was more a thought than anything else, I'm just wondering why we need
cvsGroup entries for a non-cvs project?

>   I'm not sure I follow you there.  You seem to encounter a problem on
> the web interface (unless I'm mistaken), then you propose a patch on
> the backend executed by a cron job...  Could you enlighten me a bit,
> please?  I'll be glad to apply your patch, only I prefer to be sure
> they are useful beforehand :-)

Correct me if I'm wrong but that backend script is also used to initialize
the ldap database at setup.

The problem in the web interface is caused by the missing cvsGroup entries,
after changing the backend script I ran update, then the
cvsGroup entries were correct in ldap and the problem was fixed.  And yes,
I did try to run the update before changing the script without any luck.


Olafur Osvaldsson
Systems Administrator
Internet a Islandi hf.
Tel:   +354 525-5291
Email: address@hidden

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