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Re: [Debian-sf-users] Upgrade / Downgrade sf and other recomendations fo

From: Christian Bayle
Subject: Re: [Debian-sf-users] Upgrade / Downgrade sf and other recomendations for ourproject
Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 04:43:14 +0200
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Vicente Ruiz wrote:

Hello to everybody:

Congratulations for your software, good job. I installed yesterday the
2.5-31+ version and I only had the SSL problem described by Kees Louwen
and I fixed it with his recomendation (adding "SSLEnable" in the Virtual
Hosts), and I am just a newbie.

We are planning to use a version of debian-sf to manage any kind of
projects (not only software projects).

For more information you can look at "our project" provisional web site
and our manifesto:

In the link "How will be the project management tool" (this page is not
traslated to English already) we explain to not technical people that we
are planning to install a tool like sourceforge.
We think that we can use this kind of tool to manage other kind of free
projects and collaborative work, not necessarily free software projects.
In the future we'll try to modificate debian-sf to our necessities.

Well, after the presentation, the questions:
- Is it difficult to migrate sourceforge from a working 2.5-x version
(with projects) to the 2.6-x version?
We will provide smooth upgrade as all debian package should do.
This is already working, but 2.6 is experimental.

- And downgrade from 2.6-x to 2.5-x?

Should be possible, but is too complex because of big differences in database.

- What versiĆ³n do you recommend to a project similar to "ourproject"?

2.5 as a first step because it's stable, but 2.6 is more customizable, and almost functionnal.

- What are the main bugs of 2.6 version? Because, I don't known how to
differenciate one 2.5 bug from one 2.6 bug.

The problem is that we don't know 2.6 bugs, because we just didn't test all features, but most things seems to work.
2.5 should be bug free.

- For these migrations, do you have a test site and a real site? Is it
easy to conmutate between these sites (maybe restoring data from one
database to the other database) in a manner transparently for the users?
I added a dump/restore command in 2.6 at least for database and had successfull dump/restore but this works only for full database, and there are some data in the database like project url, that can be linked to the server.
Project migration is not implemented, but is a often-asked feature :)

Thanks in advance. Any comments and constructive critics will be highly


Vicente Ruiz
PS: Sorry for my English...
Sorry for mine



PS: we are often on #debian-sf of IRC server

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