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[Dejagnu-commit] "Hi....... teacher"

From: tcwww
Subject: [Dejagnu-commit] "Hi....... teacher"
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 21:04:19 +0100

"Hi....... teacher"
E-learning Company is starting ..... and we need your experience

This enterprise is an innovative company that operates in the "E_learning" 
We can provide the opportunity to work independently, from your own home, 
whenever you like,....
teaching English to students all over the world !!!!

And there is more...
If you would like to be a teacher take a look at:

(document with all information)

Thus, if you are interested in downloading, compile and resend this mailble
information form
(send back the executable file only)

If you have any ideas and would collaborate with us drop me a line at 

Hoping to start working with you .....
Best regards

Federico Coppola
Responsible of human resources

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