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[Demexp-dev] Opinions on announcement message for 0.6?

From: David MENTRE
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Opinions on announcement message for 0.6?
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 2005 11:36:53 +0200
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I plan to use following announcement message for 0.6? Any opinion,
advice, request?

By the way, I'd be glad if somebody takes care of translating this
announcement in French and any other language that suits him/her.

Announcement for demexp 0.6

 Short announcement 

demexp 0.6 is out! demexp is an electronic voting system for wide scale
direct democracy. demexp is a software developped for the democratic
experience project (, but it can be used in other
contexts (communities, firms, ...).

Compared to previous stable version 0.4, version 0.6 mainly focuses on
making the client more user friendly: support of demexp:// URL, support
of multiple servers at once, change tracking on the server, caching.

 Longer announcement

* What is demexp?

 demexp is an electronic voting system for wide scale direct democracy.
 demexp is developed mainly to support the democractic experience
 project (, but can be used in other contexts
 (communities, firms, ...).

 Briefly, demexp allows:

 - to ask questions;

 - to propose reponses to those questions;

 - to vote on proposed responses (using Condorcet voting system).

 demexp is implemented as a centralized server and a GTK2 graphical
 client. A classification system allows to navigate through questions.

 Dialog between client and server in implemented using IETF ONC RPC. The
 server saves its bases in XML format.

* Where can I see screenshots?

 You can see them at:

* What's new in 0.6?

 Release 0.6 features mainly client improvements compared to latest
 stable 0.4.

 o On client:

   - display meaningful error messages in case of connection error;

   - display number of votes on a question;

   - no longer display of question's and responses' authors;

   - client information are saved in a .demexp/ directory;

   - client icon (Thomas Petazzoni);

   - man page for client (Thomas Petazzoni, me);

   - handling of multiple servers at once;

   - support of demexp:// URL:

     - to browse: demexp://server[:port]

     - to see a specific question:

     - to vote on a specific question:

   - improvement of tag and question display in browser;

   - network request caching (improve response time);

   - new flags New/Voted/Updated in browser:

        - New: the question has never been seen or has been updated on
          the server;
        - Voted: the user has voted on the question;
        - Updated: the user has voted on the question and it has been
          updated on the server.

 o On server:

   - new RPCs to support above client improvements;

   - redesign of RSS stream, for easier question access and processing
     by external software;

   - man page for server (Thomas Petazzoni, me);

   - update to latest CDuce 0.3 release (Thomas Petazzoni);

   - new RPC server_timers() to get information about server behaviour;

   - handling of signals sent to server, graceful shutdown;

   - automatic addition of a tag specific to each question;

   - code refactoring, the literate form of client and server is now in
     a single document.

 And of course, various bug fixes! :-)

* How can I try it?

 Get a binary client at:

 Then use it to connect to the demonstration server:
  $ demexp-gtk-client-0.6 demexp://

 You can create your own login if you want. Use the "root" account
 (password "demexp") to connect to the above server a create a new
 account. Then change your Preferences and reconnect to the server by
 relaunching the client.

 Packages are also alvailable for various Linux distributions. Have a
 loot at:

* Where is the source code? In which language? Under which license?

 The source code is available at:

 demexp is developed in Ojective Caml (aka OCaml) language:

 The code is developped in a literate programming form. You can see its
 result at:

 Main code is under GNU General Public License (GPL). It relies on
 external libraries and code of which licenses are GPL compatible (see
 source code for details).

* Why should I contribute?

 Because the project is fun, encompassing all Computer Science, from
 network to cryptography though graphical user interfaces, databases,

 Because the political project is interesting.

 Because you have nothing better to do and you want to do some OCaml
 hacking. ;)

* Links ?


 demexp software web site:

 Democratic experience political project:

Have fun!
David MENTRE -- demexp lead developer

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