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Re: [Demexp-dev] 0.5.3 out

From: David MENTRE
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] 0.5.3 out
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 09:52:05 +0200

Hi John,

2005/7/8, John Skaller <address@hidden>:
> 'You' are not the only programmer here .. one reason I was trying
> to build from source.

:-) Wonderful! What a lovely day today! 

> However, a monolithic solution isn't the only answer.
> If the command line went
> demexp URL account
> with a popup for the password, the main GUI wouldn't need
> to worry about switching connections. It could be managed
> by another program, possibly written in a scripting language,
> and thus customisable for the political arena.

Well, I'm not sure about that. I though at one point to implement
demexp://address@hidden:port/ kind of URL but I wasn't sure it would
be that much useful. Command line URL doesn't integrate well with GUI.

For the long term, more thinking is needed. If you consider that user
will have strong authentication using crypto keys, the user will
probably have to drag and drop some config file (sent by the authority
managing the server) in its client. This config file would contained
server info (server:port) and login info (account + private key). Once
this config file is dropped into the client, the user would only have
to point its client to the server and enter its password.

Of course, you might want to generate the private/public key pair on
the client side for obvious security reasons, so the config file might
only contain some server side cookie for one time client

Well, all that to  just say that we should not focus too much on
current client behaviour. The current code should allow us to have a
wider set of testers and users. But the client (or another kind of
client) could change a lot in the future. For example, I'm wondering
if we could not just let the client be the usual file browser of the
desktop (IE on Windows, Nautilus or Konqueror on Linux, ...) with just
a few pluggins to vote, delegate, ...

On all those interface issues, we have open a Wiki page (in English ;-):

> On thing I think you will need to do: when you connect to
> a server, the client should download an icon and display it.

I don't understand. An icon for what? To show that the client is
connected to the server? A kind of progress bar?


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