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Re: [Demexp-dev] DemExp 0.4 compilation issue with CDuce 0.3.9

From: Thomas Petazzoni
Subject: Re: [Demexp-dev] DemExp 0.4 compilation issue with CDuce 0.3.9
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 19:32:52 +0200
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Thomas Petazzoni a écrit :

> I traced down the issue a bit further, and I come to the conclusion that
> cdo2ml doesn't work the way it worked, or it is buggy. Trying to
> manually run cdo2ml doesn't work (it waits forever). Running it with
> strace gives interesting stuff :

I went further again. According to the CHANGES file of CDuce 0.3.9, one
shouldn't use 'cdo2ml' directly as a preprocessor, but should rather use
the new '--mlstub' CDuce option. According to the documentation [1] :

Compile the OCaml glue code ocamlfind ocamlc -c -package cduce -pp
"cduce --mlstub" -impl foo.cdo. The --mlstub option tells CDuce to
extract the OCaml glue code from the CDuce bytecode file. You can
directly run cduce --mlstub on a .cdo file to better understand how the
OCaml/CDuce interface works.

So, in the Makefile, I replaced -pp "cdo2ml -static" by "cduce
--mlstub", but now, cduce --mlstub fails at finding cdo2ml, because it
looks for it in the current directory :

address@hidden:~/demexp/debian/demexp/trunk/demexp-0.4$ cduce --mlstub

/bin/sh: ./cdo2ml: Aucun fichier ou répertoire de ce type

I grepped in cduce source code, and I think the call to cdo2ml is in
ocamliface/, around line 550 :

  let exe = Filename.concat (Filename.dirname Sys.argv.(0)) "cdo2ml" in
  print_endline prolog;
  let oc = Unix.open_process_out exe in
  Marshal.to_channel oc str_items [];
  flush oc;
  ignore (Unix.close_process_out oc)

The Filename.concat (Filename.dirname Sys.argv.(0)) "cdo2ml" stuff must
be wrong, but hey, how could I fix it, I don't program in Caml ! ;-)

Caml experts, any idea ?



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