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[Demexp-dev] Problem while using cduce --mlstub

From: Thomas Petazzoni
Subject: [Demexp-dev] Problem while using cduce --mlstub
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 20:28:57 +0200
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Today, I tried to compile DemExp 0.4 ( with CDuce
0.3.9 (it worked fine with CDuce 0.3.2). As stated in the CHANGES file,
I changed the preprocessor to "cduce --mlstub" instead of "cdo2ml --static".

However, compilation fails because "cduce --mlstub" tries to execute
cdo2ml from the current directory, and not from /usr/bin:

address@hidden:~/demexp/debian/demexp/trunk/demexp-0.4$ cduce --mlstub

/bin/sh: ./cdo2ml: No such file or directory

Instead, if I do :

address@hidden:~/demexp/debian/demexp/trunk/demexp-0.4$ /usr/bin/cduce
--mlstub srv/xml.cdo

everything works correctly.

I've traced down to the Ocaml source code in ocamliface/,
around line 550, where the path to cdo2ml is built:

  let exe = Filename.concat (Filename.dirname Sys.argv.(0)) "cdo2ml" in
  print_endline prolog;
  let oc = Unix.open_process_out exe in
  Marshal.to_channel oc str_items [];
  flush oc;
  ignore (Unix.close_process_out oc)

Conclusion: when "cduce" is run directly (under the condition that it is
in the PATH), the cdo2ml is wrongly built. However, when "cduce" is
runned with its absolute path, it works.

I've tried Sys.argv.(0) in an ocaml interpreter and it correctly prints
the absolute path even if the ocaml interpreter has been run directly
("ocaml" and not "/usr/bin/ocaml"). So I don't understand why it doesn't
work, but I'm not a Caml expert, so I can't go further.

Is it a bug ? Did I miss something ?


PETAZZONI Thomas - address@hidden - Jabber: address@hidden
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