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[Demexp-dev] MacOSX Compilation Notes

From: François-Xavier Ponscarme
Subject: [Demexp-dev] MacOSX Compilation Notes
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2005 21:49:20 +0200
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I've made a note about demexp compilation on OSX.
It's not a complete documentation specially for noweb part, and outdated as it concerns version O.6.
If you want to build client only there are not too much issues.

I'will try to update the wiki soon, the time to learn wiki syntax :-)

So notes:

** the best way to have a complete ocaml distribution is getting GODI :
All needed packages (cduce, lablgtk2, rpc ...) are available with godi.
   (Fink or Darwinports are not required.)

** noweb installation :
   There are some minor troubles, but it's possible.

** trouble while linking with crt0.o : (server building)
   package needed : Csu (pick in the sources matching you OS version)

** Static option -static for ld :(server building)
   Seems to be not compatible in OS X
   So replace it with -dynamic in the Makefile.

** cduce version warning:
   be sure to install latest Godi packages

** Documentation generation :
   You may have some troubles (minor), but the documentation is
   build anyway.


**Client : of couse you need X11 to run gtk2 client. The client (and server ?) must be launched under X11 terminal.

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