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Vedr. Re: [Denemo-devel] Unreadable files after save

From: Eivind
Subject: Vedr. Re: [Denemo-devel] Unreadable files after save
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 20:08:07 +0100 (CET)

> > I'll be happy to submit real bug report. A fake
> one
> > here: A thing that had Denemo constantly crashing,
> was
> > deleting triplets: If I had made a triplet which I
> > wanted to delete, I had to mark and cut it. Using
> Del
> > would cause a crash. 
> But this is fixed in the current CVS version, right?

Not in yesterday's build. It still crashes, but it now
gives an additional error message (empty measure-
putting a non-printing rest into it).

Steps to possibly reproduce:

1. Start with a blank score. Insert a triplet (with my
shortcuts: Ctrl-1)
2. In classic mode (or maybe other modes too), insert
three quarter or eight notes in the triplet.
3. Go to beginning of score (Home or just move the
4. Press Del. On reaching the end marker of the
triplet, Denemo will crash. Terminal output:

** (denemo:9207): WARNING **: Encountered nested
tuplets or tuplet end without start

That's a correct description, because I have deleted
the triplet start, but not its end. It still shouldn't
cause a crash.

If I attempt to open the crash recovery file, Denemo
will crash when I try to delete the triplet end -
either with backspace or del.

I hope that qualifies as a bug report. This is with
Denemo as of 26 March 08.

> This will be possible with the version after the one
> being released
> right now I'm sure. Are you able to get what you
> want by editing the
> LilyPond output? 

I'm quite happy. I can always just write part names
using my right hand and a pen :-)

(That is, are you sufficiently au
> fait with LilyPond
> syntax). If so, can you submit a small example so
> that I release a
> template that will allow you to do what you want
> without having to keep
> a separate LilyPond file around?

You mean a Denemo or a Lilypond file? I'm not
proficient with Lilypond (that's why I'm using
Denemo), but I could always read up.

> If not, as I say, I am sure it will be possible in
> the release after
> this one - I am currently working on this stuff.

Wonderful! Nice work indeed. I don't intend to act as
the spoilt user, and I will contribute to this
software. Thanks for your work!

Best regards

Eivind Ødegård

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