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Re:[Denemo-devel] Key bindings

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re:[Denemo-devel] Key bindings
Date: Tue, 06 May 2008 09:45:51 +0100

> When I first tried denemo, the default keymap was unusable, because
> notes could
> not be entered. I managed to change the keymap to use denemo, but
> since the
> keymap configuration is not documented, it's rather awkward.

I've had a look at the standard.accels that is in CVS. It provides that
keypad 0,1,.. are the duration keys and a,b,c... are the note name keys.
This means that on startup pressing lower case 'a' should insert a
quarter note A, pressing keypad 3 should change the prevailing duration
to eighth note, pressing 'a' again should insert an eighth note A.
This is based on the default startup mode, namely insert mode.

Is this the behaviour you have (you will need to hide ~/.denemo to get
the newly-installed behaviour)?

Other keys may operate via the old keybinding mechanism (e.g. the main
keyboard number keys may work via that mechanism, they do on mine). We
need to replace that cumbersome code with a simpler scheme which stores
aliases for the standard accelerators, for those who want two keypresses
for one action (if, indeed, there is a demand for it). Meanwhile perhaps
we should simply delete all the old code (kbd-custom,keyresponses,
keymaprc...) so people will find out if they really want it!


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