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Re: [Denemo-devel] git version

From: Jeremiah Benham
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] git version
Date: Sun, 18 May 2008 09:35:38 -0500

On Sun, 2008-05-18 at 09:43 +0100, Richard Shann wrote:
> I did 
> aptitude install git-core
> and this gave me version
> whereas the git started pages
> assume 1.5
> or newer...

You can always do:
apt-get -t testing install git-core

I am pretty sure testing has 1.5. I know unstable does. 
I bet all the basic commands that you will want to use will work in 1.4
though. Commands like:

git commit -a -m "I automatically commit modified files"

This marks changed files for commit. It does not upload the changes to
savannah until you use this command:

git push

The command:

git add
is similar to cvs add. (adding new files to repository)

git pull
is the same as doing cvs update -Pd 


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