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Re: [Denemo-devel]

From: N. Gey
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel]
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 18:56:54 +0200
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Hi people,

I sad I make the website, but as you can see there is no new website at all. I didn't thought that savannah is this conservative like it is.
No php, no cgi even no ssi.
I wanted to do a simple, functional and clean site. But I also wanted to make one which is easy to maintain and to update for different persons. Without any dynamic content that is out of reach. So if there is with a website which is not @ savannah this would be a good thing.

When was the last attempt to contact the idle sourceforge-admin of denemo?


P.S. I will start using denemo in reality soon. I'm going to make a book about bagpipe-composition and I will use denemo to generate the lilypond snippets I will use in ConTexT. You can add lilypond directly into ConTeXt, you don't need lilypond-book.

Richard Shann schrieb:
On Fri, 2008-05-30 at 10:33 -0500, Jeremiah Benham wrote:
I noticed that is not registered. Do you guys think this
would be useful to register this? I have a linode that I can use to host
it. What do you think? Will it help to promote denemo?
It certainly would, though it presumably would cost a small amount and
until we get the message out there that Denemo doesn't crash like it
used to, and that you can use it to edit seriously complex scores I
don't expect a Donate button would yield anything (something you
mentioned before).
I assume if we
get it up and running and put content on it then it should be the first
to pop up in a google search.
Well, I wouldn't count on that - google keeps moving the goalposts to
stop people manipulating the ratings. At the moment there are a lot more
references to the sourceforge site out there on the net, and until that
changes the confusion will continue.
I think we are already moving up the ratings, on we are
fourth, on we are third and on we are second to
sourceforge. (These data are are a bit dubious because the google site
seems to respond to where you are hosted, and to the language of the
search query - e.g. whether the query is or
). But it would undoubtedly help to have more sites that point out that
the sourceforge site being static doesn't mean Denemo is not going
places. It would probably be useful not to put a link to sourceforge,
but just a reference to its being out of date - every link boosts the
sourceforge site rating. (And, of course, we should remove the link from
the gnu site, replacing it with a warning about the sourceforge site
being out of date and orphaned).
What is your attitude towards windows builds? As you know I see it as a
way of getting Denemo tested, and even getting developers, but I assume
the gnu folks would not like to host a windows binary, as this would
constitute promoting a non-free operating system. Would you wish to host
the windows binary? I'm quite happy if you do not - I have some
reservations promoting non-free software, however indirectly.
The other thing we should really do is clone the Sourceforge Denemo as
Denemo II, or Denemo Lives! or some such and link it to the gnu site -
sourceforge are currently hosting an ancient windows binary. That way,
someone searching on sourceforge under music software or under Denemo
will see the Denemo Lives! project as well.


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