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Re: [Denemo-devel] Trying to build from git

From: Jean-René Reinhard
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Trying to build from git
Date: Fri, 30 May 2008 20:30:39 +0200
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I hope to finish the core of the keymap migration tomorrow. I'll send Richard a
notice so that he can pull from my public repository.

Some news about it :
I have rewritten the keymap type to :
- reuse GtkActionEntry objects do describe commands
- use hashtables to get an action from it's name
- base its management of keybings on strings generater by gtk_accelerator_name
(one level hashtable instead of two level)

I have to finish the accel management stuff, which should be easy now that I 
have figured how to manage the quick edit stuff, and fix the keybinding dialog. 

This modification enables to simplify the code base, since we can remove
unmenued commands table and the global table denemo_commands, which duplicated
information in the keymap for no reason at all (If I'm right) and to have a
unified way of handling keybinding (only one configuration file)

some polishing still needs to be done (add strings in .po files, ...)

During implementation, I discovered that there is still a big architectural bug
in the way keybindings are managed. The issue is that input of some commands in
denemo are modal, depends on the value of two modes (type (classic, edit, 
insert) and mode(note, rest, blank)). For the time being these modes are 
managed at two levels : 
- specific actions are defined for actions, whatever the mode their are meant to
  be used in. This is an issue since an accel key can only belong to one action.
  So it requires to define accel keys for a insertion/edit/changing main
  duration, which is awkward, all the more than the same callback is used for
  these different actions, or changing accel keys for modal commands, which
  is unnecessarily complicated
- The callbacks does different things depending on the mode.

Once I'm finished with the keymap, if it is ok for you, I plan to remove the 
unnecessary actions and check that the callbacks are fine.

Finally as a developper, it is most inconvenient to have versionned Makefiles.
They appear as modified, since I tweaked my .configure. Does anybody now If I
can make git ignore modifications on these files? gitignore stuff seems to work
only for untracked files...


Le Sat, May 24, 2008 at 04:49:27PM +0100, Richard Shann écrivait:
> On Sat, 2008-05-24 at 16:03 +0100, Richard Shann wrote:
> ...
> > I think we could go with this - put the V18 commands in the README (or
> > INSTALL?) and create a trial release supporting V19 by default.
> > What does everyone think?
> > Richard
> I was forgetting about the keypress/accelerators story - Jean-Rene` are
> you working on this?
> Richard
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