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[Denemo-devel] Menu overhaul

From: Richard Shann
Subject: [Denemo-devel] Menu overhaul
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2009 17:15:24 +0000

The object menu is getting too crowded. I can see some rationalizations
to make that will improve finding the command that is wanted. Recall
that it is already possible to put any command you like onto (the)
button bar (check Titles etc in view) using a right click option.

I propose that the main menu has

File Navigate Edit View Mode Playback More Help Educational

and that object menu has 

Score Movements Staffs/Voices Measures Notes/Rests Chords Clefs Keys
Time Signatures Lyrics Directives

The displaced items are Cursor (goes under Navigate), Bookmarks (also
under Navigate), Markings (goes under Directives), Midi also under
Directives) and Instruments and Other (go to various places).

The new one (and the most difficult to name) is the Directives: this is
anything in the horizontal line of the music which is not a note/chord.
They can be standalone markings like Allegro, or instructions on how to
modify the MIDI output etc. As they are represented by Denemo
Directives, and as there is no generic name for such things (they are
markings on paper, but effects in MIDI) I thought we might allow
ourselves one invented term. (The word directive in English  means
something that is intended to cause an effect from the point at which it
is issued). Alternative: Markings/Effects?

The items under Other should go as follows:

Edit Chord Symbols goes to Chord, Chord Symbols submenu
Figured Bass items goes to Chord, Figured Bass submenu
The Lilypond ones are deprecated, but have not been replaced so they
need to go to Directives, Notes/Rests and Chord as appropriate.
Clear Overlay is present on the control panel and can be omitted (it
could be scripted back to a location of the user's choice).
Execute Scheme, could go into Edit menu.

The items under Instruments should go under the music object they apply
to (e.g. fingerings under Notes->markings).

The current tempo markings etc, which are attached to chords can go into
a submenu of chords, while the new ones that DanW has contributed should
be the main ones under Directives.



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