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[Denemo-devel] [bug #28347] Tempo Chooser

From: anonymous
Subject: [Denemo-devel] [bug #28347] Tempo Chooser
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 00:30:22 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #28347 (project denemo):

I'm pretty certain that this feature (the tempo "Allegro" command) was not in
Lilypond 2.10.  This script should work on 2.10 and have identical behavior to
the one I submitted with the tempo command, but it has that annoying problem
of Denemo trying to be helpful and adding a } at the end.  So the lilypond is
screwed up on my version, 0.8.10.  But if you've fixed the extra-brace problem
in the current version, this should work fine.
Unfortunately at the moment I only have a windows machine available and I'm
not at liberty to install linux on it.  Otherwise I'd definitely upload the
scripts that way.  Maybe I'll find a way around that.  
I'm considering putting together a script that includes metronome mark with
tempo command.  It won't be as polished as would be ideal, because it'll be
successive dialog boxes.  Any way to add more things to the popups in
(d-GetOption) type commands?
-Dan W.

 (let ((choice #f) (replace #f))
(if (equal? (d-GetType) "LILYDIRECTIVE" ) 
        (if (equal? (d-DirectiveGetTag-standalone) "Tempo" )
                (set! replace #t )
(set! choice (d-GetOption (string-append "Presto" stop "Vivace" stop
"Allegro" stop "Andante" stop "Adagio" stop "Largo" stop "Other" stop )))

(if (equal? choice "Other") (set! choice (d-GetUserInput "Tempo setting"
"Enter tempo text:" "Allegro assai" ) )  )
( if (not (boolean? choice) )
        ( if (equal? replace #f ) (d-DirectivePut-standalone "Tempo" ) )
        (d-DirectivePut-standalone-postfix "Tempo" (string-append    "s8*0 
{ \bold" choice "]" ))
        (d-DirectivePut-standalone-display  "Tempo" choice)
        (d-DirectivePut-standalone-minpixels "Tempo" 10 )
        (d-DirectivePut-standalone-ty "Tempo" 90 )


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