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[Denemo-devel] New script "Add Interval": (Too) many menus and commands.

From: Nils
Subject: [Denemo-devel] New script "Add Interval": (Too) many menus and commands. Workaround?
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 23:18:13 +0100


I have a new script ready which is quite powerful but simple and that I want to 
include in the version after the next.
It adds chord-notes to the current note or chord with a keystroke. 

(d-AddInterval 1 #t #t #t)
1 to add a unison, 2 for a diatonic second, 5 for a fifth and so on. 

But the problem are the parameters. 2-4 "#t" means the chord-note is added 
counting from the lowest note and above the that and after that it goes a step 
right. Perfect for adding thirds to a series of notes very quickly just by 
pressing "3" several times.

The parameters mean
;diatonicstep: Give the diatonic interval amount. 1 = Unison/Prime/Same Note
;upordown: boolean - add the note above or below?
;lowestorhighest: boolean - start from the lowest or highest note in the 
current chord?
;cursorright: boolean - do a step right after adding the chordnote. Important 
for workflow

And here comes the problem.

The plan is to have those avaible all at once each with a unique keystroke.

-Plain 1-0 adds unison to decime above the lowest note and does a cursor right 
-hold shift to add below instead
-hold ctrl to start from the highest note instead
-hold alt to stay after the process (no cursor right)

and all these can be used together. So shift+ctrl+alt+5 adds a fifth below the 
highest note and stays at the cursor position.

I have not calculated the amount of new commands but you can imagine how many 
you get. Assuming a special mode/command-set for these the keyboard shortcuts 
itself are logical and easy to remember and combinable but there will be many 
many menu-entries and the same amount of files differing only in #f or #t

Even if the "Cursor Right" switch is removed, which is the one you don't really 
need, there are many left.

So... what to do now? I like it that Denemo-Scripts themselve are independent 
of the keystroke or menu position which call them. So tuning the script that 
itself knows who the "caller" (what is the word?) was is not an option for me 
and I think its against Denemos way to work.

I just feel uneasy about the huge redundancy. Is there any other way? Or it is 
it just fine to create that many commands?

Nils, with photoshop-like shortcuts

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