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[Denemo-devel] [bug #27931] Clef chooser lacks bass?

From: anonymous
Subject: [Denemo-devel] [bug #27931] Clef chooser lacks bass?
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2010 03:30:29 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #3, bug #27931 (project denemo):

The attached script fixes a few problems with ClefChooser.
First it puts the Bass clef as the second choice, whereas before it was
It eliminates the unnecessary "Operation Cancelled" dialog box.
It fixes a slight problem with the drum clef.  Suppose you had mistakenly
entered a drum clef as initial and then tried to put the initial clef to
treble.  The drum clef directive would still be there, and you'd see the same
drum clef there.  It wouldn't go away.  This fixes that by deleting the
directive when it finds it.
Hope it helps.
-Dan W.
Here it is pasted:

(let ((choice "Bass"))
  (set! choice (d-GetOption  (string-append "Treble" stop "Bass" stop "Alto"
stop "Tenor" stop "Octava bassa" stop "Soprano" stop  "Drum" stop)))
     ((boolean? choice) () )
     ((equal? choice "Drum")
        (d-InitialClef "Bass")
        (d-DirectivePut-clef-override "DrumClef" DENEMO_OVERRIDE_LILYPOND)
        (d-DirectivePut-clef-postfix "DrumClef" "\clef percussionn ")
        (d-DirectivePut-clef-graphic "DrumClef" "DrumClef")
        (d-StaffProperties "midi_channel=9")
        (d-DirectivePut-standalone-postfix "MiddleCPosition" "\set
Staff.middleCPosition = #6")
;;      (d-DirectivePut-voice-postfix "DrumClef"  "\drummode ")
;;      (d-DirectivePut-voice-override "DrumClef" DENEMO_OVERRIDE_LILYPOND)
;;      (d-DirectivePut-staff-postfix "DrumClef" "<< { \new DrumStaffn")
;;      (d-DirectivePut-staff-override "DrumClef" DENEMO_OVERRIDE_LILYPOND)
      (if (d-CursorLeft)
            (d-InsertClef choice))
        (if  (equal? (d-DirectiveGetTag-clef ) "DrumClef" ) 
"DrumClef") )
            (d-InitialClef choice)   

(file #19479)

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