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Re: [Denemo-devel] Showstopper bug?

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Showstopper bug?
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 09:08:30 +0100

when you said on irc #denemo
> what problem is the return statement in process_midi() (in portmidibackend.c) 
> supposed to solve? what would happen if i remove it?

I answered thinking you were referring to the first return statement in 

But, now I look further I see the your point - I have put in another
return to ignore the midi output backend. As the comment says, this is
because I introduced the pause feature involving handling the time
differently and I expected the portmidi output code would need altering.
I haven't got any MIDI output device to test such code, so I don't know
what it will do without that return statement - perhaps I should simply
have let it happen and wait for feedback?
If you can test it I would be most interested to know what happens, it
can't possibly work complete with Pause, but it could be that it would
still play. (In a similar vein, you will have noticed that I
re-connected the non-threaded audio input code for inputting notes from
a microphone, and it just works; it is safest to disconnect stuff that
*may* cause problems while developing, but it is always worth trying to
reconnect it afterwards to see if it does just work anyway).


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