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Re: [Denemo-devel] [bug #36502] 0.9.4rc4 missing headers

From: Jeremiah Benham
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] [bug #36502] 0.9.4rc4 missing headers
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 20:05:33 -0500

The thing is that when I do make dist only adds the defined source files. If i 
enable jack th3n the ringbuffer files are not included and are then not added 
to the tarball.


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Dominic Sacré <address@hidden> wrote:

>Hi Jeremiah,
>On Wednesday 23 May 2012 18:14:00 Jeremiah Benham wrote:
>> Would it create a problem if I just removed the conditionals "if
>> HAVE_JACK, etc..." and included all the sources no matter what the
>> ./configure finds?
>Before GSOC the JACK sources had #ifdefs within the source file, so "make" 
>would effectively compile empty source files when JACK support was 
>Excluding the source files from compilation via conditionals in 
> seems like a much cleaner solution. But of course this way 
>trying to compile e.g. jackbackend.c would fail if JACK is really not 
>> Is there a reason ringbuffer.c and .h can't be both included? The below
>> also does not list  the relative header files to the included source
>> files.
>I think including the corresponding header files in each of the 
>conditional lines would fix this problem. Including the headers in 
> seemed useless (and kind of wrong) to me, but I didn't know 
>that it is actually relevant for packaging. Should I commit a fix?
>ringbuffer.{h,c} is a little peculiar by the way, as it's just a local 
>copy of JACK's ringbuffer implementation. It might conflict with the 
>"real" JACK ringbuffer, so it should never be compiled when building 
>Denemo with JACK support.

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