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Re: [Denemo-devel] tablature status (August 2012)

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] tablature status (August 2012)
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2012 19:50:54 +0100

On Wed, 2012-08-08 at 19:35 +0200, Federico Bruni wrote:
> Il 08/08/2012 19:09, Richard Shann ha scritto:
> > It seems to be a bug in gtk - if I enquire if the cursor is visible it
> > says it is. If I put the editor in a top level window, it is becomes
> > actually visible. Somewhere in the hierarchy of widgets a signal is
> > getting lost I guess. Do you have GTK2 or 3? I am hoping the bug is
> > fixed in GTK3.
> >
> I think I have both:
> $ aptitude search '~i libgtk'
> i A libgtk-3-0
> i A libgtk-3-bin
> i A libgtk-3-common
> i A libgtk-3-dev
> i A libgtk-sharp-beans-cil
> i A libgtk-vnc-2.0-0
> i A libgtk2-perl
> i A libgtk2.0-0
> i A libgtk2.0-bin
> i A libgtk2.0-cil
> i A libgtk2.0-common
> i A libgtk2.0-dev
> i   libgtk2.0-doc
You can find out which your Denemo is linked to by a message that is
emitted at startup - I get this
Gtk version 2.20.1
if you also get 2.xx.xx then perhaps you can rebuild against gtk3 and
see if that fixes the cursor bug?

> >>>
> >>> Either:
> >>>    the score allowed you to quit with the changes not saved, that is you
> >>> can change a score layout and the score fails to become unsaved (I think
> >>> I fixed all cases of this, please report if not)
> >>> Or:
> >>>    it is opening with the default layout as the selected layout, not the
> >>> one you customized. I think my intention was that the last selected
> >>> layout should be selected when re-opening a score (so that hitting print
> >>> without looking at the score layout view will print the last selected
> >>> layout). If not, you have to select this layout - note that when you
> >>> re-open a score the custom layout becomes pure LilyPond, the GUI is not
> >>> saved.
> >>>
> >>
> >> It's the latter.
> > Mmm, are you sure, I was checking this afternoon, and it seemed to load
> > a previously saved file with the last used custom layout as the selected
> > layout. Perhaps you just meant that you saved while the default layout
> > was selected? (Mmm, in fact that is a snag - if you save with layout A
> > selected then select layout B print, etc, then quit without saving again
> > then on loading it up again, A will print out if you just hit print.
> > Well, perhaps that is ok).
> >
> You are right.
> I had a few problems: three custom layouts. I removed two of them.
> I think that the active layout moves to the left in the Score Layout 
> window. Is it correct?
yes, there is some clunky re-positioning goes on :(

> Now Export as PDF uses the custom layout.
> >
> >> Now I understand: if you use File>Export as>PDF, the default layout will
> >> be automatically used.
> > The Export as PDF is old code, it will create large pdfs with point and
> > click information in them, unless you turn it off. It should probably be
> > re-engineered to work via the current layout and to avoid point and
> > click info.
> >> If you want to print a customized layout, you must use View>Score
> >> layout, choose the custom layout and click Typeset. Then print to PDF.
> >>
> As said before, it works also the Export if the custom layout becomes 
> the default in Score Layout.  This is at least my understanding.
> Yes, I confirm the point-and-click.
? the Score->Point and Click (Off/On) menu item?
The downside is you lose point and click from the Print View window to
take you to the movement, staff, measure, note by clicking on it.
>  It would be nice to remove it by 
> default without having to tweak the lilypond source.
I've an idea there was some other reason to prefer the PDF generation
via Print View->Print->print to file but I don't recall what it was now.
> >> Anyway, I can see that the main view in Denemo doesn't reflect the changes.
> > By main view I guess you mean the Denemo display? That is never wysiwyg
> > - so a rehearsal mark is just represented by the mark A, regardless of
> > which one it is or which style will print. Of course, it would be
> > possible to script it to display something else, and even (via the
> > dynamic flag) to make them display A, B, C, refreshing at some scripted
> > interval or on some condition such as adding a new rehearsal mark. I am
> > guessing that is what you refer to below?
> >
> yes, correct
> >> Even if I do a simple change in View>Lilypond, such as:
> >> \set Score.markFormatter = #format-mark-box-numbers
So if you like to do this you can create a version of the RehearsalMark
command that issues that (probably for the whole score, a
d-DirectivePut-score-prefix thing or some such) and then displays a
number 1 in a square box. (And then contribute the script to Denemo's
sources :)


> >>
> >> The PDF is correct but Denemo keeps showing the letter
> > the letter A that is?
> >>   instead of box
> >> number.
> >
> > Richard
> >
> >

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