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Re: [Denemo-devel] Chord symbols

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Chord symbols
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 20:35:08 +0100

On Tue, 2013-04-23 at 07:19 -0500, Jeremiah Benham wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 11:59:42AM +0200, Andreas Schneider wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > at the moment, chord symbols are realized as markings on notes. That
> > works in many cases, but also means that chord symbols can only have the
> > same rhythm as the notes they are attached to (in most cases the melody
> > as the first staff). Frequently, chord changes are in another rhythm as
> > the melody. In this case, one has to edit the generated lilypond code
> > (and do that again every time something in the piece is changed). In
> > lilypond, chord symbols have their own context. What about a similar
> > construction in Demenmo, i.e. one can add a "staff" for chord symbols?

You can indeed completely by-pass Denemo's built-in chord symbols and
write a staff with chords in it and then override the \new Staff
declaration in LilyPond with some syntax which tells LilyPond to
generate chord symbols from the chords you have written. That way the
chords will transpose.
The overriding could be done with a suitable
(d-DirectivePut-chord-prefix .....) bit of Denemo syntax, or it could be
done by customizing a score layout. Both of these require a bit of
LilyPond expertise to set up, but are very simple.

BTW was it you that asked about centring the name on a piano staff? I
have added this to Denemo and it is working in the new version that I
announced today.


> You can assign chord symbols to non-printing rests. So you can create a new 
> voice where one voice has non-printing rests with chord symbols and the other 
> has a melody or something.
> > This would have the advantage that the chords could have their own
> > rhytm, and they would also be transposable (handy when you transpose a
> > piece with chord symbols). What do you think?
> Yes. That would work. There is not code in place to transpose the chord 
> symbols though. I think that would be easy to do. I only remember the old 
> code that has now been replaced so I would have to get up to speed with the 
> new changes.
> Jeremiah  
> > 
> > Andreas
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