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Re: [Denemo-devel] typos in denemo.pot file

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] typos in denemo.pot file
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2013 19:18:15 +0100

thanks for this list of typos, I have hopefully installed them all in
the right places and updated git, so that the branch created for 1.0.2
tonight should be the final version - I'll send a new denemo.pot then.
Only one case where I made no change
id 1111: Swaps the active end of the selection
There is only one end of the selection that is "active" and this command
moves it to the other end of the selection. (In Emacs-speak it swaps
Point and Mark). I see that the command is hidden by default, I think it
is used in scripts...


On Sun, 2013-04-28 at 11:57 +0200, Federico Bruni wrote:
> Il 03/03/2013 10:43, Federico Bruni ha scritto:
> > I've translated up to id 1000.
> > I think I've found some typos in the pot file.
> > Next weekend I hope to complete my translation and send the second
> > feedback report.
> I've completed the translation of the latest pot (1.0.2). I'm about to
> send it to the italian team for review and I'll upload it next Sunday.
> Here's the last feedback about typos. I'm not sure about some, but
> you'll know what
> to do.
> Sorry, the id numbers have changed (I started  writing this email
> weeks ago)... but I guess you'll use grep to find them
> id 1056: Create a definition at the head of the LilyPond output. This
> can then be referenced in the music. See LilyPond documentation.
> s/LilyPond output/LilyPond input/
> (well, maybe in denemo LilyPond is considered as output, but lilypond
> users may find it weird because lilypond output is the pdf, png, etc.)
> id 1111: Swaps the active end of the selection
> s/end/ends/
> id 1137: Moves the cursor to the first object in the previous
> measureleaving selection, if any, unchanged
> s/measureleaving/measure leaving/
> id 1208: Insert Quadtuplet
> s/Quadtuplet/Quadruplet
> id 1397: Music playback. Music is played between the playback start
> (green bar) and playback end (red bar).
> There are playback controls (See View->Playback Controls) which make it
> easy to set and re-set these and also to loop-play, choose the
> temperament to play in etc. Or use items in this menu to play the whole
> piece of from the cursor to the end.
> s/to play the whole piece of from/to play the whole piece from/
> id 1415: Open a file containing a music score for editing in a separate
> working area (tab
> s/(tab/(tab)/
> id 1452: Displays the final finished score in your pd viewer
> s/pd viewer/pdf viewer/
> id 1782: Various sorts of brace linking the staffs together. These may
> be nested, see the Score Lyout view for a display of the staff groups
> created.
> s/Lyout/Layout/
> id 1783: Add Note Anove Base of Chord
> s/Anove/Above/
> id 1788: Menu:
> Commands to include other durations in a chord (instead of polypony -
> this is specialized stuff!) The note at the cursor height is altered.
> s/polypony/polyphony/
> id 1791: Menu:
> Alters the note/chord at the cursor or the selection transposing it by
> the interval chosen. This alters the music in the score - see othe
> transpose options for transposing the printed output, leaving the
> music untouched.
> s/othe/other/
> id1847: No commands file was found in either the systemwide Denemo
> directory or in .denemo directory within your home directory. This is
> an intallation error. You can use Edit/Command Management to construct
> a custom interface or to load one from a commandset file.
> s/intallation/installation/
> id 1991: Display Titles. Controls etc
> s/Titles./Titles,/
> id 2023: Type: (0=Range, 1=Movement, 2=Whole Score
> s/Score/Score)/
> id 2364: This a score layout - the brown buttons affect the score
> itself, not just the layout.
> The other buttons will customize the layout
> You can have several layouts and use them to print different versions
> of your score.
> Once customized e.g. by adding page breaks, deleting certain parts etc
> the layout will be saved with your score and can be used for printing
> from even though you may have made corrections to the music.
> Standard layouts are created by invoking the standard print commands -
> print, print part, print movement etc.
> These standard layouts provide a convenient starting point for your
> customized layouts.<b>Note 1</b>Custom layouts are not saved for
> further graphical editing, only the typesetting commands are saved,
> so, unless you are familiar with LilyPond do all your work on the
> layout in one session.<b>Note 2</b>The first comment holds in the
> LilyPond text of the layout holds the name of the layout. If you
> change it any conditional directives that are for the layout will need
> refreshing
> s/This a score layout/This is a score layout/
> s/The first comment holds in the LilyPond text of the layout holds the
> name of the layout/The first comment in the LilyPond text of the
> layout holds the name of the layout/
> id 2591: Now click on the control point at the left end the slur
> Control points are marked by red crosses
> s/at the left end the slur/at the left end of the slur/
> id 2634
> s/D.C.Al Fine/D.C. Al Fine/
> id 2662:
> s/First create the main note, then then follow it/First create the
> main note, then follow it/
> id 2811
> #: actions/commandscripts/TransposeStaffOutput.scm:8
> msgid ""
> "To use this function you need to place the cursor/non the first of two notes 
> "
> "which define /nthe transposition required"
> I guess that /n should be replaced with \n
> id 2824:
> This object fills up the duration of this measure, so that the notes
> in the measure form an upbeat. It needs to be renewed if you change
> the duration of the notes in the measure - use Re-calculate for this,
> or simply delete it and re-run the Upbeat command,
> the last is really a comma? or a dot should be used?
> --
> Federico
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