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[Denemo-devel] [bug #38822] Consistent behaviour and user interface acro

From: anonymous
Subject: [Denemo-devel] [bug #38822] Consistent behaviour and user interface across staff and clef directives/properties
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 14:17:45 +0000
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Follow-up Comment #5, bug #38822 (project denemo):

>> 5] After implementing [1], the blue area preceding the staff will be
dedicated to staff directives...
> Actually the area is divided into two, the top is for staff directives, the
lower part for voice directives.
You're right, scratch this.

>> 3] Remove "Edit Clef Directives" from the clef symbol active area menu
> but of course it should check if there are any before offering to edit
Good point. If possible the menu entry should be changed to "No Clef
Directives..." when there are no clef directives, and diplayed as unselectable
(greyed-out), similar to [9] below.

After looking into voice directives and tablatures, unfortunately I've
expanded the list:

10] Tablature is added as a clef directive, a staff directive, and a voice
directive (in the later case the voice directives icon is added without any
menu entries, so the menu is displayed as a thin white horizontal sliver).
Rather, tablature should be consolidated under a single directive; I suggest
the clef directive only.

11] As a staff directive, "TabStaff" is displayed as a menu entry. As a clef
directive, "TabStaff" is displayed in the box "Select a clef directive" shown
after clicking "Edit Clef Directives". In both cases, I expected that the
action of selecting "TabStaff" would display a tablature customization widget,
however it simply toggles between a regular staff and a tablature staff. I
suggest changing the description "TabStaff" to "Toggle TabStaff" in order to
reduce confusion.

12] In both boxes, "Select a staff directive" shown when selecting Staff/Voice
-> Edit Staff Directives, and "Select a clef directive" shown when clicking
"Edit Clef Directives" from the clef symbol active area, the escape key is
bound to "OK" rather than "Cancel" which is unintuitive and non-standard.

13] The "TabStaff" directive does not integrate properly with undo history.
>From my limited testing it seems that a "TabStaff" action is placed in the
history stack before the most current key-signature change. So to undo a
"TabStaff" toggle, even if it is the most current action, you have to rewind
the undo history back to the last key-change event.

14] Even though key signature and time signature symbols are not displayed on
voice staffs, you can still interact with them. This doesn't seem right (the
ability to interact with invisible widgets). I assume they're just present as
spacers to align notes across staffs, but I suggest they don't accept input.

15] This is really trivial, but the "TabStaff" text shown below the instrument
name is slightly cut-off.


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