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Re: [Denemo-devel] Source directory

From: Eloi Rivard
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Source directory
Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2014 11:55:02 +0100

> I'm not at all convinced that classifying code by whether it is dealing
> with files on a disk is a good way to go. Files containing stuff derived
> from the music you have created with Denemo is one thing, files that
> contain stuff that you want to use to create a music score is quite a
> different thing.

You are right, actually dealing with import/export files is not the same
that just loading a file as a "meta-data" to the score. Maybe a new
directory is needed here. I am not sure how to call it. Do you think
that "file" and "meta" are good names ?
> >         command:
> >         changenotehead.c  chordops.c  commandfuncs.c  contexts.c
> >         fakechord.c  figure.c  graceops.c  keyresponses.c  lyric.c
> >         measureops.c  objops.c  processstaffname.c  scorelayout.c 
> scorelayout.c is part of printview.c and exportlilypond.c 
> also I see chordops.c here, there are also measureops.c scoreops.c IIRC

scorelayout seem to edit the score directly, thus I think it should be
kept in "commands", or maybe split

> >          scoreops.c  selectops.c  staffops.c  tupletops.c
> >         changenotehead.h  chordops.h  commandfuncs.h  contexts.h
> >         fakechord.h  figure.h  graceops.h  keyresponses.h  lyric.h
> >         measureops.h  objops.h  processstaffname.h  scorelayout.h
> >         scoreops.h  selectops.h  staffops.h  tupletops.h
> >         
> >         core:
> >         binreloc.c  binreloc.h  denemo_types.c  external.c  external.h
> >         http.c  http.h  kbd-custom.c  kbd-custom.h  keyboard.c
> >         keyboard.h  keymapio.c  keymapio.h  main.c  prefops.c
> >         prefops.h  twoints.h  utils.c  utils.h  view.c
> >         
> >         display:
> >         accwidths.h           calculatepositions.h  displayanimation.h
> >         drawbarline.c  drawclefs.c   drawdynamic.c    drawfigure.c
> >         drawingprims.h  drawlilydir.c  drawnotes.c      drawstemdir.c
> >         drawtuplets.c  hairpin.h     printview.c
> printview has nothing to do with drawing the Denemo display (main
> window) it handles the typeset display and belongs with exportlilypond.c
> (badly named) which generates LilyPond syntax.

Well, maybe a new directory is needed here too. I think "render" might
be a good name for printview sources. How to call the Denemo display ?
"display" may not be a good name, as it is not only about displaying but
mainly about editing.

> >           displayanimation.c    drawaccidentals.c   draw.c
> >         drawcursor.c  drawfakechord.c  draw.h        drawkey.c
> >         drawlyric.c    drawselection.c  drawtimesig.c  hairpin.c
> >         notewidths.h  printview.h  slurs.h
> >         
> >         file:
> >         audiofile.c  exportabc.c  exportlilypond.c  exportmidi.c
> >         exportxml.c  file.c  guidedimportmidi.c  importmidi.c
> >         importmusicxml.c  importxml.c  print.c  screenshot.c
> >         xmldefs.h
> >         audiofile.h  exportabc.h  exportlilypond.h  exportmidi.h
> >         exportxml.h  file.h  guidedimportmidi.h  importmidi.h
> >         importmusicxml.h  importxml.h  print.h  screenshot.h
> as I say above, mixing stuff that is used to create a music score with
> stuff that can be generated from a score once it is created seems a bad
> idea. So guidedimportmidi and importmidi and screenshot belong in input
> below. And the (badly named) exportxml.* is our fundamental
> save-a-project-code for saving in denemo's own format. It doesn't sit
> nicely along with exported things.

You wish to separate import and export projects .denemo files (load and
save actually) from import and export project in other formats
(musicxml, lilypond, midi etc.) ? I though we could regroup those
sources that can "load and save music from/to a file, whatever format it

This is a good question. Most of users are not computer experts, and
just do not care about which format is used. They just want to "load or
save some music". Gimp for instance try to privilege their own project
format, but Libreoffice let you save documents in whatever format you
want (without making any difference between load/save and

How do you see things ?

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