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Re: [Denemo-devel] Denemo 1.1.2 Mac Binary Crash

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] Denemo 1.1.2 Mac Binary Crash
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 09:09:12 +0000

> Hi, 
> I am not sure if this is the right place to check with this problem,
> and if it is not, please advise as to the proper communication channel
> and I will try there. 
> I recently used the Mac binary of Denemo 1.1.2 recently and it worked
> fine for the most part. One day however, I tried to open Denemo and
> kept meeting with a crash. I do not recall what was the last thing I
> did before, but I suspect it might have been something to do with the
> audio or Lilypond. I've included the crash log in a text file attached
> to this email. 

Looking at that crash log it seems someone has put an assert in the code
- if you can start the program in a terminal you should see a message
showing where in the program (or more likely, library) this is

To test for the cause first find the directory (folder)
named .denemo-1.1.2 (it is in something which is called your home
directory, the top of your personal file hierarchy).

If you temporarily rename this and start denemo again and it does start
then suspicion falls on the file .denemo-1.1.2/denemorc or on the last
opened score, listed in the file .denemo-1.1.2/denemohistory. 
If it *does* start up, try opening the last opened file and see if that
is crashing Denemo.
Running Denemo will have created a new default version of the
folder .denemo-1.1.2, which you will want to replace with your old one
if you have a private set of short cuts and settings. Removing denemorc
and/or denemohistory will point the finger more clearly. If it is the
the denemorc file, please post that, if it is your last opened file
please send that (privately if it is confidential).

If it is none of those, then the only other thing I know of is having a
stray spurious file called denemoui.xml in the directory where Denemo is
launched. But this is wildly improbable unless you are developing Denemo
- the correct version is shipped with the binary. Plus, of course, a
corruption of the file system (re-install Denemo), again, only something
likely if you could have deleted or over-written some of the

If you can run Denemo in a terminal that would be ideal - do that first
if you can.


BTW your email got delayed because you are not subscribed to the
list ... I think someone may have accidentally dropped it.

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