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[Denemo-devel] [Fwd: Sbuild update 4.1.1]

From: Richard Shann
Subject: [Denemo-devel] [Fwd: Sbuild update 4.1.1]
Date: Sun, 23 Mar 2014 08:19:46 +0000

Jeremiah - is this relevant to our attempts to build stuff for windows?

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S[mart|tupid] build[1] got a minjor update

= About =

sbuild is a set of scripts that build various free software packages for
Windows from the source, starting with a GCC toolchain (cross-compiled)
and MSYS2 core (cross-compiled), and ending with various applications
(msys2-git, msys2-subversion, mingw-gdb), libraries and frameworks
(GTK+, GNUnet, GStreamer). All buildscripts are written in
simple-to-understand-style of POSIX shell language, and a few small
utilities are in Python.

= Release Highlights =

== Package Of The Day ==

Today's Package Of The Day is GtkParasite[2] - a GTK+ plugin for
messing with GTK+ applications at runtime. With the advent of GTK+-3.x
it's now more important than ever to be able to try out theming CSS
without restarting applications, and GtkParasite does the job. It also
has ridiculously cute logo (which in no way influenced my decision to
make GtkParasite the Package Of The Day).

== MSYS2 ==

Not much has happened in MSYS2 land. Actually, no, some things did
happen in upstream MSYS2 (new path mangling), but they didn't make it
into 4.1.1, because i'm lazy.

Anyway, MinGW/MSYS console is now set to use UTF-8 by default via
LANG=en_US.UTF-8. This fixes some bugs with printing UTF8 text via
printf that i've discovered a few months ago.

I've finally had enough of CPAN and switched Perl-vendor download
location to Fedora repositories. Hopefully, i won't need to update
Perl-vendor as often as i did simply to keep up with CPAN dropping off
old package versions.

A gross bug in one of the custom libxslt patches i've been applying
was fixed (the patch wasn't mine, by the way), this should
dramatically reduce the number of xsltproc-related docbuilding failures.

msys2-p11-kit and its direct dependencies are now built a bit earlier.

== MinGW ==

MinGW-W64 didn't get any noteworthy updates, but winpthreads did get a
patch that added a new pthreads function.

Of note are updates to GNUTLS and libpng that fix security bugs.
GNUTLS is particularly messy, as caused rtmpdump to need rebuilding,
which caused libcurl to need rebuilding, which cause CMake to need

There was an update to my GCC builds, which enabled pthreads in GCC.
This ended up with me tagging sbuild 4.1, but i neglected to announce
the update. Hence the "minjor" update this time.

I've successfully built webkitgtk and Pidgin. Packages for those
didn't make it into sbuild (but are available upon request), since i
judged them to be too specialized; also, webkit alone takes HOURS to
build...), but some of their dependencies did. In particular, i was
told that PyGObject (Py2GObject, in this case) is awesome to have, so
now sbuild builds it, and you can use GTK+-3.x from Python-2.x.

Another notable addition is DBus (it passes the testsuite, but i'm
still not sure how its usage in applications is going to play out).

Added a script for updating Python EasyInstall package list (since
sbuild used to screw it up, and now doesn't even touch it). Feels
hackish, but hopefully it'll keep the damage to your Python
installation minimal.

Glib/GTK+ got some attention, which resulted in updates to some
libraries in the G stack, and some patches (admittedly, one GTK+-3.x
patch is experimental, and may cause memory leaks; it's better than
crashing though, which is what happens without it).

Finally, a string of spelling-related packages (aspell, enchant,
gtkspell) is now built. They all work (tested this on gtkspell example
app), and there's an English dictionary for aspell built and installed
by default.

== Issues known to be fixed ==

gnome-doc-utils might fail to build with a message along these lines:
xsltApplyStylesheet: saving to C/<name> may not be possible. This was

== Issues for which nothing is known ==

On one occasion gnome-doc-utils buildscript was reported to act in a
manner similar to a fork bomb (!?!?), repeatedly (on restarts of the
build process). Unable to reproduce, re-running the build from scratch
seemed to have helped.
No new reports of this bug.

gobject-introspection might fail to generate stuff (failure at
shutil.rmtree() in, especially on slow machines. Re-run
the build from the last step.
No new insights into this bug.

xsltproc.exe from msys-xsltproc might segfault. Re-run the build from
the last step.
No new insights into this bug.

= List of new packages =


= List of updated W32-compiled packages =

    mingw-libpng16 to 1.6.9-1
    mingw-libgsf-1 to 1.14.29-2
    mingw-automake1.11 to 1.11.6-5
    mingw-libatomic_ops to 7.4.0-2
    mingw-bdw-gc to 7.4.0-2
    mingw-libxslt to 1.1.28-6
    mingw-gnutls to
    mingw-atk-1.0 to 2.11.90-1
    mingw-gettext to
    mingw-icu4c to 52.1-2
    mingw-rtmpdump to git-79459a2b43f41ac44a2ec001139bcb7b1b8f7497-1
    mingw-curl to 7.35.0-2
    mingw-w32-cpython2.7-lib to 1.0-4
    mingw-python-markupsafe to 0.18-3
    mingw-python-mako to 0.9.1-2
    mingw-intltool to 0.50.2-3
    mingw-glib-2.0 to 2.39.92-1
    mingw-gobject-introspection-1.0 to 1.39.90-1
    mingw-gtk-doc to 1.20-1
    mingw-gtk+-3.0 to 3.11.9-1

    msys-perl_vendor to 5.18.0-6
    msys-libatomic_ops to 7.4.0-2
    msys-bdw-gc to 7.4.0-2
    msys-libxslt to 1.1.28-3
    msys-icu4c to 52.1-2

= List of updated cross-compiled packages =



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