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Re: [Denemo-devel] dynamics staves

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] dynamics staves
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2014 10:09:29 +0000

I changed to page view (using Esc) and zoomed out with Ctrl-mouse-wheel 
and dragged the system separator red bar until I could see your entire
score in teeny-weeny size on the screen. I could see one red bar, so I
zoomed in on that and, sure enough at bar 48 in Violin 2 dynamics you
have a dotted quarter note where you meant a simple quarter note.
Ctrl-dot removes that and it then typeset ok.

Ok, so much for the error, Check Score would detect that, but it is
stopping with a (spurious?) time signature not at start of bar error and
so never getting to tell you about this. You could have found it with
Staffs->Adjust Measure Lengths, if you set Return on that command then
you can just press Return three times to check for any wrong measure
lengths in the current staff. I see that it is requiring measures with a
time-signature change to be completed, which is annoying, but that would
have found the problem for you.
I'll improve the score checking routines for the next release.


> Hello Richard and others on the list,
> I'm stuck on this problem. I had a score that typeset. Then I put in a
> bunch of changes--mostly to the dynamic staff in the score. Now it
> won't print past measure 79 correctly. 
> I tried taking out the text annotation from the dynamic staves and
> putting them int he part staves. That seemed to help for one measure,
> but not for others. 
> Can you help? I've attached a score and pdf--both truncated. But I'm
> not sure they're small enough for the list. 
> I'm up against a deadline--trying to get parts out in the next 24
> hours. 
> hopefully,
> -Ellen

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