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Re: [Denemo-devel] 2.0.0 and 1.2.4 bad font

From: Richard Shann
Subject: Re: [Denemo-devel] 2.0.0 and 1.2.4 bad font
Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2015 16:45:22 +0000

On Mon, 2015-10-26 at 00:26 +0100, Lars Björnfot wrote:
> >What was the message in this dialot - I see it ends with "Hint?"
> >Is it perhaps "Repeat Slur Positioning Hint?"
> >That shouldn't be appearing while the "Now drag the ..." dialog is still on 
> >the screen. I've tried to find >a way of getting that without success.
> >Can you explain your sequence of operations?
> Yes, that dialog.
> It's hard to explain in detail. The dialogs and markers behave a bit random 
> ... Or maybe I just don't understand how they work. Anyway I'll try:

Well, there is no intentional randomness, but they depend on where you
click (in a blank space, on an linked object - hand pointer shape - or
on a blue patch created a previous click on a linked object) and on
which button you use and on if your last operation was on the same
object as you are now clicking on.

> In print view:
>   Click red mark.
>   Hint Slur Position
> The info window appears, I keep this dialog open.
>  "First click on the note head of the note where the slur starts. "
> It seems:
> a) If I click on a note (where the slur really starts,
to be exact: on the notehead of the note where the slur really starts.
>  or where I would like the slur to start), it sets the end marker too, 
> sometimes random or far away outside the page.

It creates both blue circles if your first step was right-clicking on
the notehead of the note that starts the slur - it doesn't then ask you
to click on the notehead of the note that starts the slur but asks you
just to click on the notehead of the note that ends the slur, and
creates both blue circles. This is a quicker way of using this routine
than by starting with clicking on the slur itself.

> b) If I click on the stem or above/below the note (where I want the slur to 
> start), it works better.
I'm not sure what will happen if you miss the notehead of the slur - it
may fail to move the cursor in the Denemo Display to the right note.
When you are clicking in the correct place you will see the hand pointer
shape which means that it will tell Denemo which object you have clicked

>  I get visible start and end markers = blue cirkels. Not always where I 
> expected them.
The blue circles are supposed to be on the two note heads (start and
> c) I didn't have to click the red cross. Click anywhere on the slur also 
> seems to work.
That is the very first step, clicking on the slur to indicate which slur
you are trying to adjust. You don't need the red dots and crosses for
this operation. (But, see below, it is actually best of all to start by
right-clicking on the notehead of the note where the slur starts).

> The info window says: "Now drag the begin/end markers to suggests slur 
> position/angle. Right click when done."

Hmm, it doesn't explain you should right click away from the blue
circles when done.

> I drag the blue cirkle up/down.
> On drag-release the "Slur Angle/Position Yes/No" often comes up.
This should only come up when you right click for a second time on a
blue patch you have created. I think you have inadvertently finished the
tweak, perhaps you have not got enough zoom so you are missing the blue
circles when you drag. If you left press away from the blue circles you
get Apply/Cancel menu you can drag away from it to release off the menu
to forget that press.

>  Sometimes on the second drag-release.
> The result on "right-click when done" is that the slur moves a bit though 
> usually not like I expected. 
yes, it is only a hint - I have just been experimenting and I can get it
to change angle a bit or move from above to below the notes, but it
isn't more than a hint to the typesetter.

> I also find it unclear what the blue cirkles are for. Why set these start/end 
> markers at various notes when it doesn't affect the start/end of the slur?

They are actually placed just exactly where you click when it asks you
to click on the note head. Denemo doesn't have any idea what is actually
drawn there by LilyPond, it just takes the place you click and draws a
blue circle there.
When you drag them it moves them and when you click to finish it
calculates how far you moved them and asks LilyPond to typeset the slur
displaced from the note heads by the amounts you dragged each.

> I know this may be hard to change :-) but an idea to make this easier to use 
> is:
>  - Use the existing red cross, drag them to change start/end slur and 
> size/shape. 
>  - See end result directly. No popups.
>  - Drag entire slur over the staff to change position from under to over. 

I think that because this is only a hint it may be less frustrating to
drop it altogether and stick to the Edit Slur Shape routine. The
downside of that is that it is more complex - you have to select the red
dot on the center line of the staff where the slur begins and then the
control points - but you do get complete control. There is a video demo
of using this
> >Bye the way, how did the Informational Dialog "Now drag the begin/end...." 
> >come to be so tall and >narrow? I can't reshape it like that! It seems to be 
> >allowing only one word per line.

> No idea. It was automatic.

I've tried this out on windows, and I saw the same thing. It seems to
want to put only one word per line!


> Lars

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